My Three Favourite Market Stalls – No.1

I have been trading at markets now for over twenty years in Victoria, Australia. Mainly on the Mornington Peninsula but I do trade further afield in Canberra and Tasmania. Trading at Craft and Farmers markets becomes a bit of a lifestyle. You meet some fantastic people amongst your fellow traders.

Your fellow traders become good friends as you spend so much time together week after week. You grow a bond as you share the ups and downs of market life. Good and bad weather days. Busy markets and slow markets.

The one bonus that never changes though is being surrounded by some of the best Handmade, Home Cooked or Home grown produce that you will ever find anywhere in Australia. All of the producers take a lot of pride in what they sell and there is nothing like being face to face with the person that made what you are buying.

Featured here are three of my favourite traders that have been at a market I have traded at or sometimes just happened to visit. Some I have known for up to twenty years, some I have only met for the first time.


The very recognisable Mango Licks Caravan is a welcome sight on a hot day

Tania has been running Mango Licks now for eighteen months. We are neighbours at Red Hill Market but I also see her at Mornington Racecourse and other Craft Market of Australia run markets. Mango Licks can be found at many of the summer festivals and shows.

It is great to see children (and adults) walking around the markets, tucking into their popular Mango Licks. Some kids lick them. Other kids suck them. And then there are those that bite big chunks out of them. However you eat them, the handy containers they come in is very clever. The lid acts as a drip-guard to prevent the melting juice from running down to your elbows on sunny days. And the container is handy to store the Mango Licks in if you need a break in between licks. Simple but genius

Mango Licks are a frozen, Fruity Golden Australian Mango Puree with no added sugar or nasty additives. Tania also has Mango & Banana and Mango & Passion fruit flavour frozen icy poles.

There are also Mango Juice and Mango Lassi available

Tania who is a retail sales assistant in her day job, is a welcome sight on hot sunny days.

Phone :  0450 015175

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A Tantalizing selection from Bluebird Bakery

It is always a pleasant surprise when you get to the market and a brand-new business is setting up for the first time beside you. As a trader that has been trading for twenty years it is easy to spot the new marketeers.

Tessa who does all the baking was supported by her partner and brother. Instantly likeable people and I could tell from a distance that I was going to be having one of Tessa’s cookies with my cup of tea for breakfast. This was their very first market and they were well prepared. The main thing was that the New York Style Cookies and Slices were divine. As a pastry chef I had already spotted that they had potential before I had even tasted them.

Tessa who is a support worker at Monash Hospital has been influenced by her Grandmother who has turned over twenty or so restaurants. Acquiring them and fixing them up into a more viable business. Bluebird Bakery are going to go a long way if they keep it as nice as their first day.

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My Fruit Chai

Lachie of My Fruit Chai has been my neighbour a couple of time now at Red Hill Market and I am beginning to see how popular his Chai is amongst market customers. He has been trading at markets now for four years. I can certainly confirm that Lachie’s Chai smells absolutely divine. It immediately transports me back to India where I travelled for six months. The Chai sellers on the trains and bus-stops with their calls of Chai! Masala Chai! Chai Garam!

Lachie picked up his cha talents when he was travelling through the splendid mountainous regions of Manali Valley, Rajasthan, and Nepal where he hiked on the Annapurna trail.

He has the ever-popular Hot Chai and Iced Chai as well. You can also try his Apple & Mint and Strawberry & Ginger Chai. There are also packets of his popular Sticky Chai for sale.

Lachie who works in his day job for a car sharing company can be found at the Craft Market of Australia markets and Farmers Markets such as Elwood and Alphington.

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