My Three Favourite Market Stalls No. 3


I have been trading at markets now for over twenty years in Victoria, Australia. Mainly on the Mornington Peninsula but I do trade further afield in Canberra and Tasmania. Trading at Craft and Farmers markets becomes a bit of a lifestyle. You meet some fantastic people amongst your fellow traders.

Your fellow traders become good friends as you spend so much time together week after week. You grow a bond as you share the ups and downs of market life. Good and bad weather days. Busy markets and slow markets.

The one bonus that never changes though is being surrounded by some of the best Handmade, Home Cooked or Home grown produce that you will ever find anywhere in Australia. All of the producers take a lot of pride in what they sell and there is nothing like being face to face with the person that made what you are buying.

Featured here are three of my favourite traders that have been at a market I have traded at or sometimes just happened to visit. Some I have known for up to twenty years, some I have only met for the first time.


Jo & Mel have been running Myrtle & Rose Designs now for five years. And I still can hardly believe it. Five years since we have been neighbours at the Mornington Racecourse Craft market. It seems like yesterday that I first saw the girls trying to put their marquee up, and like a knight in very battered and rusty armour I stepped in and gave them a hand. The girls have been an absolute joy to be neighbours with. Both parents of grown up children, I have really admired their dedication and professional approach to the markets.

Jo is a payroll officer in her day job and Mel is a Teacher having just completed a Masters Degree. Not any easy task with a day job, weekend markets and a family to look after. They have a lovely range of Polymer Clay Jewellery. Beautiful shades of pastel in a range of shapes and sizes. Ear rings, Key rings, Necklaces and Lanyards. And the proof of how innovative the girls are is when they introduced their range of kimonos about two years ago. They have turned out to be very popular.

The girls have scaled back their operations since the advent  of Covid. The same as many stall holders have, including myself. If anything has come out of this Covid period that we have and still are enduring, is that it has given us time to ‘take stock’. You can find the girls at the Craft Markets of Australia, Yarra Glen and Mornington Racecourse Markets during the summer months. You will find them at the occasional other markets. Sign up to their Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

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I must have known Suzie from Sheesh now for over ten years, probably longer. As we have been neighbours at Foster Promontory Market for ages now. And it is not just at the Foster Market. We use to bump into each other at some of the Craft Market of Australia markets such as Red Hill. It was mainly the big shows though like the Tasmanian Craft Fair, Handmade Canberra, Henty Field days and many more. Sheesh also usually attends a mix of Makers Markets and Community Markets.

Suzie makes the best skirts that I have ever known. Unusual for me as I don’t wear skirts but I have a daughter that does and I have bought all her clothes since she was five. She is now twelve and her Sheesh Skirts are still in perfect condition. Suzie takes a lot of pride in her skirts and rightfully so. They have an excellent following and her customers are repeat buyers. They don’t just love the design, which is so clever and durable. It is also about the fabric. To say that Suzie loves her fabrics would be an understatement. She buys the best quality and beautiful fabrics from around the world to share with customers. Suzie also has a wonderful line in hats made with her lovely fabrics.

Suzie who used to be an Occupational Therapist, has been trading her most fantastic skirts now since 2008. She has been busy making and creating during the Covid break. Although like many of us traders, she has taken a break and is easing back into trading gradually. You can purchase her creations from the Sheesh website.

Sheesh usually trades all year round and makes all of her skirts from scratch. Her mum who is a qualified dressmaker was an influence. Suzie also cares for the environment and makes her skirts to last for a very long time.

Phone : 0425 639989

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I can safely say that Belinda’s Muesli Slices are the nicest oat slices that I have had. They are packed full of goodness and taste yummy. There are many times that I get home after a market and I am pretty pissed off with myself as I have either forgotten or been too busy to get over to her stall to get myself a five pack of her gooey, chewy crunchy bars. Packed full of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. How does she do it? The perfect recipe and the best ingredients. The right temperature and the precise time in the oven. Delightful result.

Belinda attends about six markets a month all year round. You will find her at the Mornington Main Street Wednesday market, some of the Craft Market of Australia Markets and The 5ifth Market at Chelsea.

Belinda started making her very popular slices around eight years ago now and it is her main job. Another good thing that I find about Belinda’s slices is that you cannot tell the difference between the regular and Gluten Free bars.  There are also Vegan and Dairy Free Muesli bars. Belinda has got everyone covered.

I love having one with my cup of tea for breakfast at the markets.       

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