My Three Favourite Market Stalls – No.4

My Three Favourite Market Stalls


I have been trading at markets now for over twenty years in Victoria, Australia. Mainly on the Mornington Peninsula but I do trade further afield in Canberra and Tasmania. Trading at Craft and Farmers markets becomes a bit of a lifestyle. You meet some fantastic people amongst your fellow traders.

Your fellow traders become good friends as you spend so much time together week after week. You grow a bond as you share the ups and downs of market life. Good and bad weather days. Busy markets and slow markets.

The one bonus that never changes though is being surrounded by some of the best Handmade, Home Cooked or Home grown produce that you will ever find anywhere in Australia. All of the producers take a lot of pride in what they sell and there is nothing like being face to face with the person that made what you are buying.

Featured here are three of my favourite traders that have been at a market I have traded at or sometimes just happened to visit. Some I have known for up to twenty years, some I have only met for the first time.


Bethany Claire’s Cakes are one of my (many) indulgences at the markets. Being a pastry chef myself, I could tell that Bethy is a professional chef even before I asked her.

Her range cakes, biscuits and sweets are amazing. And not only does she have a large range but everything she makes is absolutely beautiful. She is obviously very talented and organised.

Do not turn up late to her stall thinking that you can buy your favourite goodies later in the day. I am often missing out on my treats even half way through the market. I usually place an order early or send my daughter down to grab mine. Her Giant Wagon Wheels are one of my must haves. The Sticky Toffee Pudding is brilliant. Slowly working my way through her repertoire but I keep going back to my favourites.

Bethany who started the business in 2011, attends about three markets a month in the winter but that goes up to about ten at Christmas. She makes all her own products from scratch and attends most of the Craft Market of Australia markets as well as the 5ifth Market in Chelsea.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard

As if she is not busy enough, Bethy also has an Online Party Supplies wing to her business. Making cakes and food for functions and parties. See her website for more details

   She has introduced some new products each year and dropped some also. This is the beauty of being your own boss. Bethy also uses produce from her garden such as Rhubarb, Lemons and Oranges

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Delgrosso at Boneo Community Market

When people ask me where I get my fruit form, I say to the “mainly from the Mornington Peninsula. And most of that actually comes from Paul & Tony Delgrosso. The lads run the family orchard what was started by Paul’s grandad back in 1937. I have known them now for over twenty years and they are a very nice family. During the busy season all the family pitch in.

Besides the many varieties of apples, they also grow cherries, quinces, plums, pears and my favourites, greengages. Tony recently put in some potatoes that were lovely.

I use their apples in both my jams and chutneys. I also use their cherries for my seasonal drunken cherries and sometimes for my Red Hill Cherry Jam. My favourite drink they produce is the Apple and Pear juice. I use it to make Bircher Muesli for breakfast.

Delgrosso trades all year round and they only sell their own crops. They attend all the Craft Markets of Australia markets on the Mornington Peninsula. They like to keep it exclusively on the Peninsula. You will also find them at other Peninsula markets such as Rosebud Community Market, Boneo Primary School and Tootgarook Primary School

Phone : 0409 708142

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Saroma at Phillip Island Foreshore Twilight Market

Sara is super qualified for the product that she produces, which is obviously why all her products are so good. Sara is a qualified Aromatherapist, Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist and has been a Holistic Healer since 1997.

I have known Sara since when I started trading back in 1999. This is when I first of all came across her and her wonderful range of natural products. And for the last twelve years my daughter has been using several of her goodies. Sara herself has been trading since 1997.

She did her first market at St. Andrews Market in 1997 and then the Flemington Craft Market after that.  She stayed with the markets for a few years, then went into party planning with Saroma. After a stint with party planning and raising her daughter Zoe on her own, she was working part-time as a secretary and still making Saroma products. She also worked two nights a week as a massage therapist at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in Noble Park for ten years.

She has basically had the same range as she first started with but has added products along the way.  Products that have been with Saroma since 1997 include the moisturisers, cleansers, toners (hydrosols) spot vanishing gel, bite & burn balm (now Buzz Balm), after sun gel and essential oils.

Saroma’s Famous Buzz Gel – Unlike many others, it actually works.

You will find Saroma at most of the Craft market of Australia markets as well as Foster Market, Tarwin Lower Market, Phillip Island Night Market, Chelsea 5th Market. And Farmers Markets – Churchill Island, Williamstown, Essendon and Heathmont. There are more, she is a very busy girl.

Besides her local Victorian markets, Sara also travels as far as Tazzy, Caloundra, Eumundi, Magnetic Island and Tasmania

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