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Elfreds Aussie Smoky Meat Rub

A Smoky Meat Rub that is perfect for Brisket, Ribs and all your Joints of Meat. Makes lovely Beefburgers, Rissoles and Meatloaf.
Course Main Course, Snack
Cuisine American


  • Aussie Smoky Meat Rub
     DRY RUB
     Moisten the meat with a little water. Dust meat with Elfreds Rub all over including any crevices. Wrap tight in Cling film for a minimum of an hour. Preferably for 24 (or up to 48) hours. The longer, the deeper the flavour. Depending on the meat- Grill or Slow Roast. Perfect in the Webber or Smoker.
    Mix 2 Tablespoons of your favourite Elfreds Rub through 1kg of Ground Meat for perfect Burgers